sydney uni boxing club

Boxing training. As it's meant to be.

The Sydney Uni Boxing Club is open to men and women of all ages; students and members of the community.

It's for those who want to train to fight, or just train to be fit. It's no-nonsense, hard training in up to four sessions a week, covering boxing skills and drills, sparring, cardio and core strength exercises.

There is a club membership fee a yearly gym fee to use the gym and participate in the club classes. Fees are outlined here. Find out more about how and when we train here

SUBxC offers a range of training options; providing opportunities for you to get involved depending on your boxing experience and motivations.

If you're new to Sydney Uni Boxing Club, please download a copy of our New Member Guide.

Please be aware that as of Monday 14 March 2016, casual entry to SUBxC classes and training will NOT be available. You MUST be a current member of SUBxC to participate in Club classes and training (except for College Boxing).



6:00-7:30pm TUESDAYS and 5-6.30pm FRIDAYS
(Beginners & Fitness-Focused Members)

Perfect for those who want to train like boxers for fitness and learn the basics. Under the guidance of SUBxC coaches, you'll practice key boxing skills and drills, be challenged by cardio and core-strengthening exercises and have fun with your club mates through some light sparring. 

6:00-7:30pm MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS
(Intermediate to advanced members -
requires approval from coaches before joining)
Structured classed for aspiring and currently competitive fighters.

(Open to residential college members only)

These exclusive classes for members of The University of Sydney's residential colleges will commence in university week 3 (Monday 20th Mar 2017).


7:30-9pm Monday and Wednesday; 7:30-9pm Thursday; 6-9pm Friday; 11am-3pm Saturday
If you're gearing up to compete, or want to develop your ring craft alongside the Club's fighters, then get to these training sessions. SUBxC's coaches will be there to take you on the pads and support you while you skip, shadow, work on the bags and spar.



Brydens Boxing Gym features several punching bags, floor-to-ceiling balls, speed balls, a ring and plenty of space to move.

For your comfort and safety, as well as that of your Club mates, please bring to training:

  • Your own hand wraps; boxing gloves; head gear and skipping rope;
  • A well-fitted mouth guard (this is not negotiable);
  • A towel and a drink bottle; and
  • Please wear CLEAN, breathable training clothing and practice good hygiene.

Sparring in the gym is ONLY PERMITTED with 16oz gloves, headgear, and under the supervision of a registered coach. Failure to comply will result in immediate suspension and a review of your membership.


All SUBxC members are expected to observe the following Codes:


All SUBxC members who wish to compete must register as per the Club's Fighter Registration Checklist.

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